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Updated: Dec 19, 2023

On the way to the station

Today smells like spring

I want to mutter to you

Smiled with my eyes to the stranger

May happiness never stagnate within you

Until the moment you fall asleep

Turn off the fluorescent light

I want to light a candle

Kept my phone by the bedside

May dark nights never be drown out your soliloquy

While taking a shower

Thoughts showered me

I want to shower you with words

Wrote them down in a notebook

May you never be left behind by sunrise

Things I can't say

Things I can’t do

There are many alternatives

though you say

Updated: May 23

Lie may have been there

Soft yet fragile lie in the shape of love

Lonely lie pretending to be tough

As fine as powdered snow, nobody can’t tell its true form

The true intention may have been there

One might call this a doubt

On a beach where waves come and go at a certain rhythm

Frosty waves under the sun ripple through me

Horizon makes me feel uneasy in early afternoon

If the waves don’t let me call this doubt with a love still a love

If the sun says love should make me believe without a doubt

I don't want to call your name anymore

If the waves let me call this doubt with a love still a love

If the horizon lets me love with a doubt

I never want to forget your name

to love may be

to forgive

It is

to keep looking at

the bright green leaves

turn into empty brown

and fall to the ground one by one

with loneliness

It is

to stand still silently

without affirmation

or denial

until they land on the ground

to give up

to forgive is

to watch them till the end

without affirmation or denial

do not run away

do not leave them

there is nothing else

you can do

It is

to love

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